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Updated November, 2013

This site may seem an odd mixture of the challenges of life, the fear of death, the myths of religion, and bread recipes; but that is our life. It is our hope that through the coincidence of our meeting "out here" we will discover how important we can be to one another, and also share a laugh or two along the way to the great "perhaps!"

Zensquared represents people and thoughts in transition.

Some of the events we have written about took place years ago. We are no longer the same people in those stories. I am now an agnostic who no longer needs to see the evidence of my worth or goodness. I involve myself in nothing beyond the moment to moment living out of my life. (The Waiting Place). Mike refers to himself as a 'Naturalist' who survived a triple bypass without the help of God, but thanks to a roster of incredibly skilled and caring people (A Heartbreaking Story with a Happy Ending).

Hearts, hearts hearts...that seems to be a pet theme of ours. Many years ago, however, we were referring to the fact that AIDS was scaring the life (and compassion) out of all of us who were healthy and wanted to stay that way. "Hearts of Stone,the Journey from Fear to Compassion" documents our experiences with this disease, both personal and as a couple, and the people who were living with it. Some of the people in this story still pop in and out of my daily routines. Darrell's mother, Mary, has been faithful in her appreciation of what we did for her son and sends me cards and notes testifying to that fact.

In 1996, our "Heart Breaking Storywith a Happy Ending" was as real as it gets: a triple bypass for Mike. In both stories Mike and I give our account and the writing reflects the two different perspectives on the same event.

The newest addition to our site, The Heart of a Family, may sound a bit tragic and sad but it is not offered in that light. These days when everywhere I look I see people with a phone in their hand (connected to only one person while they are surrounded by many) or a walkman strapped to their head (connected to no one at all) I feel more and more as if we are losing the ability to be a community. This is the story of my Uncle Jim who was a servant and shepherd of our family. He died some years ago but left behind a family who would miss him, and honored him as he spent his last days in our home. It is a story about Family Values. "(The Heart of a Family).

Barbara has authored several books which are offered here as shareware:

Precious Jewel Person is a collection of published articles chronicling the times of her life. Each piece strums a chord in the human heart...many with laughter, some with tears, some with anger, and all with insight.

The Waiting Place gives readers the courage to look into the "place" of their past and sort the facts and emotions into a solid foundation upon which to build a deliberate life.

Breads by Barbara is a collection of original bread recipes that evolved from Barbara's Bread Delivery business. The romance of bread-making is clearly demonstrated in the review entitled the Zen of Bread Baking.

The Times of my Life contains articles ...sometimes humorous, often provoking... about real things happening to real people.

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